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Optics and Optical Elements

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작성일 : 18-04-19 13:40 조회수 : 2,100

The developments within optics have created a need for structures that cannot be made with traditional manufacturing methods like UV lithography and diamond turning. Thus, new technologies are needed. NILT has developed processes for making high quality optical parts such as microlenses, blazed gratings and multi-level optics for difractive optical elements, DOEs, that exploit structures below the wavelength of visible light.
We offer prototyping, fabrication of masters, and establishment of high volume manufacturing service.
Examples of applications that NILT's clients are working with:
Micro Lens Arras (MLAs)
Low roughness, high precision, mixing of different lens sizes, up to 100% coverage and complete flexibility on lattice arrangement.           
Blazed gratings - Saw tooth gratings
Regular V-grooves or high quality custom made blazed gratings with low roughness. The blazed gratings' pitch can be down to 200 nm, the blaze angle can be tuned to specifications and the anti-blaze can be made very small.
Wire Grid Polarizers
The Wire Grid Polarizer (WGP) standard stamp portfolio is ideal for development of WGP processes. NILT delivers standard and custom silicon masters/stamps up to 300mm format.     
A perfect light diffuser spreads our point lightsources so that they appear perfectly uniform accross a given area. NILT offers custom made diffusers and offers a range of nickel standard stamps that can be used for light diffuser applications.
Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs)
Multi-level structures mastered with electron beam lithography or grey scale lithograhy, 4-32 levels and sub-wavelenght resolution.
Slanted gratings
High quality custom made slanted gratings with low roughness.The pitch, the aspect ratio and the slant angle can be tuned to specifications.
Multilevel optics in fused silica for high power laser applications and x-ray focussing.
Photonic Band Gap
Photonic Band Gap (PBG) materials, also known as photonic crystals, are materials which have a band gap due to a periodicity in the materials dielectric properties. NILT offers masters and stamps with any customer specific PBG structure.